There are three important factors every buyer should consider when deciding which home is the best one to purchase.

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There are three important factors that you need to consider when deciding which house to buy for you and your family.

First you need to consider the resale value of the home. Most of the time, when someone buys a home, they plan to live there for many years. However, life can throw you a curveball, so it’s not unusual to have to sell a house. Pay attention to the neighborhood the house is in, make sure the house is priced properly for the area, and pay attention to other factors that could negatively affect the resale value of your home. Make sure that there is nothing unusual that will limit the appeal of the house to future buyers.


You also need to pay attention to the structural soundness of the house. Make sure that you order a home inspection before you purchase the property so that you can be sure that the windows are sound and the floors are sturdy. The home inspection will alert you to any major structural issues with the home.

Finally, don’t lose sight of potential costly repairs. Does the home have any HVAC issues? Is the roof near the end of its lifetime? In some parts of Bucks County, you might have to deal with wells and septic issues. A failed septic system can run $25,000 to $30,000 to repair. Keep these things in mind when deciding which property is best for you and your family.

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